An evolution of the “Escape the Room” concept, rooms where people have to complete challenges to get out of the room, usually using mechanical locks to open doors and cupboards. Project HEX takes this concept, but brings a more interactive and illustrative means of escaping the room. Project HEX replicates an abandoned 90’s government facility that was in charge of creating and distributing advanced military-grade Artificial Intelligence (A.I).


The audience will be invited to the facility under the guise of being former scientists who worked on the project where they are trapped and must escape the A.I. using technology from the 90’s. (VHS tapes, Floppy disks) During the climax, the A.I. is revealed to the scientist as a highly powerful and intelligent hologram.



Project Hex is being designed and carried out by Backstage Academy students on the Live Visual Design and Production course, as part of the third year assessments towards their final grades.

Income from ticket sales helps recoup the cost to put on the event, however the event itself is not for profit & is educational. The students are being supported by several industry establishments who have provided equipment & expertise to support their studies & practical assessments.


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